Chinese Cloud-Hook Shoes



Nabaiqian - MXZNBQYGSX


Chinese kung fu shoes with cloud hook pattern (Yungousaxie). Durable and non-slippery cloth and rubber bottom. Good ventilation to keep your feet from building up odor. Available in 4 different styles of soles. These really are high quality shoes! [features] all natural materials handmade workmanship lightly cushioned cotton pad insole black chongfuni* fabric upper [/features]

*Also known as Gongni or venetian, is a worsted yarn weaving twill fabric with good perspiration property.

Chinese cloth shoes are very soft and comfortable. They are also durable and non-slippery with good ventilation for perspiration letting your feet feel dry and odor free all day long. The Nabaiqian cloth shoes are green health care handicraft products as they use all natural materials with no added chemicals.

Clean with a damp brush but DON'T soak the shoes into water. Hang to dry with soles upward but DON'T insolate. If get wet by rain and mud, DON'T twist, brush to clean and hang to dry. For shoe top with embroidery, DON'T brush with water and DON'T kick against harsh objects.

Chinese shoes  

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