Chinese V-cut Shoes



Nabaiqian - SCVS

Xiaoyuankou Buxie Chinese shoes.

  • small round opening style
  • lightly cushioned cotton pad insole
  • handmade by refined craftsmanship
  • quality product of no compromise
  • chongfuni or top quality lifuni fabric qiancengdi, rubber padded qiancengdi, cowhide or rubber padded cowhide sole

Qiancengdi thousand-layer sole: The whole fabrication for the thousand-layer sole requires seven steps and all by hand with the multi-layer cotton sole sewn together by over 2000 stitches of flax twine, then soak into hot water and hammer to flat.

*Chongfuni - AKA Gongni or venetian, is a worsted yarn weaving twill fabric with good perspiration property.
*Lifuni - The best fabric for cloth shoes with good oil and water resistive properties. Made of bristles and hair, boiled, drawn and woven to fabric.

Chinese shoes  

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