Damascus Taiji Jian

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Paul Chen Hanwei - SH1013

Crafted by CAS/Hanwei to a completely different standard of quality than most pieces available, our Damascus Taiji (SH1013) sword is built around a hand-forged Damascus steel blade, profiled to produce a fast, well balanced sword for the martial artist and an authentic piece for the collector of Oriental weaponry. The matching rosewood grip and scabbard with solid bronze fittings, decorated in the traditional Chinese motif, are meticulously finished in this heirloom quality sword.[features]Damascus steel bladeMeticulously finishedTraditional Chinese motifBlade length: 28 ��Handle length: 6 ��Overall length: 37 ��Weight: 1lb 11ozThickness: 23"[/features]

Chinese Tai chi swords  

"Those who are possessed by nothing, possess everything."―Morihei Ueshiba

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