Economy Dragon Jian

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The Dragon Jian has many details at an affordable price. It has a 28 inch spring steel, 440 stainless steel blade with Chinese etchings including the dragon constellation, and a demon face brass guard and pommel. It comes with a wooden scabbard with a dragon throat middle piece and end cap. Long flowing dual tassels on pommel accentuate the authenticity of this chinese straight sword. 37 inches overall.[features=Features of the Dragon Jian]28 inch spring steel flexible bladeDragon constellation and fireball dragon etched on bladeCast metal demon face guardCast metal dragon throat and chape on scabbardLong, yellow bell tasselsBlack lacquered saya and handle[/features]

Chinese Tai chi swords  

"What begins in a surge of violent motion is always reduced to the perfectly still."―Sun Tzu

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