Imperial O Tanto

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Cold Steel - 88T

The O Tanto carries on the Imperial series tradition of form and function as made by cold steel. Bigger than a normal tanto, the O Tanto is a very distinct weapon. Almost as big as a wakizashi this "Big tanto" had a multitude of uses against an adversary as well as being a "tool weapon". Cold steel has brought to life this weapon as a fully functional, handmade representation of the O Tanto.[features=Features of the O Tanto]Hand forged 1050 Carbon steel bladeImperial Series Blade PolishAuthentic Same rayskin wrapped handleBlack Lacquered wood sheathBlue violet protective bag[/features]Weight: 18.4 oz.Blade Thick: 9/32"Blade: 13 1/4"Handle: 6" with brass MenukiSteel: 1050 High CarbonOverall: 19 1/4"

The fastest draw is when the sword never leaves the scabbard.

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