Light Grappling Gloves




This unique glove design is ideal for grappling or stick fighting.

A snug and flexible elastic mesh open-finger grappling glove with double-stitched high-density foam-stuffed leather pads. Additional padding around thumb. Velcro wrist closure.

Measure hand from bottom of palm to middle of middle finger.
"Length" below is the entire length of the glove, from end to tip.

Size Length Length (cm)
XXXS  5 ½" 14 cm
XXS 6" 15cm
XS  6 1/3" 16 cm
S 6 5/8" 17 cm
M 7" 18 cm
L 7 ½" 19 cm
XL 7 ¾" 20 cm
XXL 8 1/3" 21 cm


"Do not fail to learn from the pure voice of an Ever-flowing mountain stream splashing over the rocks."―Morihei Ueshiba

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