Masahiro Sword Sharpening Kit (Large)

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Masahiro - MASH1

Sick of your swords going dull on you? Can't find the right stones to sharpen your battle worn katana? Well look no further! Masahiro has put together a sword sharpening kit so that you can keep all of your katanas in top cutting shape.
Sharpening Kit Includes: 1. Double sided whetstone in a wooden box, plus a small bottle of blade oil -- Dark color side is Rough Grain Whetstone #400: For removing large chips and imperfections. Bright color side is Medium Grain whetstone #1000: For most typical, everyday Hocho damage. It is the most versatile one. 2. One White Fine Grain Whetstone #3000 in a wooden box: Both sides for fine tuning and a super-sharp finish. 3. 1 wooden water bucket 4. 1 wooden ladle 5. 2 bottles of special oils to lubricate blade while sharpening/honing 6 All items fit into a wooden box with Masahiro seal burned on the cover!
Recommended for experienced Swordsman only!No instructions included!

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