O-Mei Pure Wind Fan DVD



Zhi Zhouli - TC011


The folding Fan is one of China's greatest treasures. In the Chinese Martial Arts, it was used as a weapon for personal self-defense. Martial artists could hide it up their sleeve or hold it openly in their hand. In a flash, the kung fu fan can be whipped out to strike like a baton. When opened, the fan can obscure the wielder's fighting techniques. It is often called the beautiful secret weapon. The O-Mei Pure Wind Fan includes three parts: Basic Skills, Combinations, and the Form. It is composed and performed by Zhi Zhouli, a renowned martial arts expert and author. The Form is characterized by explosive, swift and vigorous motions and coordinates the movements of your eye, hands, feet and body with the fan.

Combat fan  

"The obstacle is the path."―Zen Proverb

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