Practical Plus Tanto

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Paul Chen Hanwei - SH2259

The Practical Plus Series (SH2073, SH2118, & SH2259) provides very economical cutting swords, but uses more traditional fittings (koshirae) and construction methods. The blades are hand forged high carbon steel and differentially tempered using a traditional claying method (HRC60 edge, HRC40 back) with a medium (chu) kissaki. The temper lines (harmon) are prominent and evident. The Practical Plus ser uses a flat black saya and black Japanese cotton sageo. The tsuka has genuine ray skin (same) and the tsuka-ito is black synthetic leather for better gripping qualities. The antiqued fittings (koshirae) on this set are decorated in a Japanese dogwood motif with a beautiful antiqued black sunburst tsuba. A great economical set with fantastic quality.Measurements:Overall: 16-1/2"Blade: 11"Handle: 4-1/4"Thickness: .23"Weight: 13ozRelated:Practical Plus KatanaPractical Plus WakizashiPractical series

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