Qi Jian



Paul Chen Hanwei - SH2295

From the master sword smiths of the Hanwei forge comes the Qi Jian, a re-creation of an ancient design that utilized one-piece forging. The entire sword, from pommel to tip, has been forged from a single billet of steel. This forging technique provides unparalleled strength and balance while exhibiting a clear, bell-like tone when lightly struck.

The sword's name originates with the Qi nation, one of the many warring states that eventually formed modern China. Legend has it that Feng-Xuan, one of the Qi people and a central character in a well known folk tale, possessed such a one piece sword and would use its ringing quality to accompany his singing. The Hanwei Chinese Qi Jian is made from one solid piece of carbon steel, antiqued on the guard and pommel and mirror polished on the blade. The grip is wrapped in genuine rayskin, and matches the wrap on the scabbard throat. The included scabbard is made of wood with antiqued iron fittings. Truly a unique piece.

Qi Jian features:

  • One-piece forged construction
  • rayskin handle wrap
  • superb balance and strength
  • fully functional
  • Bell-like sound when drawn or one's wrist is snapped in the right way

Overall: 37 �" Blade: 28 �"
Handle: 7 �"
Weight: 2lb 8oz
Point of Balance: 1 1/2"
Point of Percussion: 18 1/2"
Width at Guard: 1.13"
Width at Tip: .61"
Thickness at Guard: .28"

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